Need to master your info overload: check this post on the Web Worker Daily blog. The best tip one the list: work less 😉

Posted by: Apple Inside | August 3, 2007

Tweet tweet tweet

You wanna follow my blog more closely … check out my twitter page and follow me.

Posted by: Apple Inside | July 24, 2007

Check back later

I really need to catch up on some of things that I’ve been busy with. I’ve been working with a tool called ActiveGrid and I’ve been playing with Ruby and RubyOnRails. More on those subjects later on, so check back soon.

Posted by: Apple Inside | July 24, 2007

Wasting the blogosphere

Simple question: when you buy yourself a new note book to write down your thoughts, it’s a waste if your not using it? Right? So if you’ve got a site somewhere in the blogosphere and you’re not using it, is that wast too?

It might be… so I think I’ll stop wasting and try to make some use of my blog.

Posted by: Apple Inside | November 20, 2006

Still here …

Guess I’m too lazy to setup my hosting for, so I will be sticking around here for a while. I tried to run from my G5 for a while. But with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius inside my home this summer I decided that it wasn’t a good idea to run the site on that machine (especially when my machine started to sound like a vacuum cleaner).

Posted by: Apple Inside | July 3, 2006

Apple inside has moved site

It has been quiet here for a long time. And now just this last post on this blog. I’m moving my blogging adventure to my new domain at The site is running on my own server at home for now, so if the site is unavailable or slow please be patient until I find a descent (and cheap) hosting provider.

Posted by: Apple Inside | February 9, 2006

How to roll your own iWeb themes and templates

Thanks to digg I stumbeld onto a very enterprising iWeb user who has “hacked” iWeb. She dug into the theme files and substituted new fonts and pictures to create a whole new look and feel. She did this for templates too.The site has instructions and downloadable files to use on your iWeb site. It seems to me that there is a new business growing here.

digg the original story

Posted by: Apple Inside | February 8, 2006

Video of the Multi-Touch Interaction Research

Several blogs on the internet posted info on the patent claimed by Apple on new touch screen capabilities and uses. It seems that somebody on digg noticed something else too and that is that Apple aren’t the only ones who are thinking about it. Even beter there already is a demo video showing off some of the capabilities. So what’s going on here? Is Apple nicking ideas or is NYU developing technologies for Apple? Who knows, they only thing I know is that I like what I’m seeing and I can’t wait until Apple does something with it. You can check out the video at

Posted by: Apple Inside | February 8, 2006

Do it yourself .Mac – get the basics without $99 a year!

This guy created his own local .Mac emulation – all the way from iCal publishing to tricking it into using the Backup program. He gives explict instructions on how to set this up. He gives example with a FreeBSD server, but he says it can be implemented easily on other platforms. Seems interesting I’ll try on my Fedora box sometime soon.

Posted by: Apple Inside | February 6, 2006

Carbon fiber case for 5G iPod introduced.

I normally wouldn’t publish about accessories on my blog, but for the ipod cases by C6 Manufacturing I’m making an exception. They have announced their carbon fiber case for Apple’s 5G iPod and for the iPod Nano. The $50 5G and $30 Nano case feature aerospace carbon fiber and aluminum construction with stainless steel screws. I just thought the cases looked really cool and deserved some attention from my part.

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