Posted by: Apple Inside | January 9, 2006

Forrester Research joins in on the Apple gossip

Even the established technology and market research company Forrester seems to have the Apple rumor virus now. The VP for Devices, Media, & Marketing, Josh Bernoff published an article speculating on a set-top-box that Apple is about to release:

Video is certain to be central to Apple’s pitch at the Macworld Conference and Expo this year. But don’t look for an Apple set-top box just yet. Later this year, Apple will create a new set-top device (call it AppleVision) that brings the Internet and video downloads to the TV set, shaking up the device world and further exploding video distribution.

Forrester Research: AppleVision: Apple’s Next Video Device

How cool is this: even big company hot shots are joining the gossip sites now.

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