Posted by: Apple Inside | February 9, 2006

How to roll your own iWeb themes and templates

Thanks to digg I stumbeld onto a very enterprising iWeb user who has “hacked” iWeb. She dug into the theme files and substituted new fonts and pictures to create a whole new look and feel. She did this for templates too.The site has instructions and downloadable files to use on your iWeb site. It seems to me that there is a new business growing here.

digg the original story



  1. don’t work links. censured?

  2. Links no longer work, anyone grab a copy?

  3. It seems that she moved her site to

  4. New link doesn´t work as well?!?

  5. Interesting!

    You wouldn’t know how to save an iDVD intro
    idvd08 onto imovie08?

    I love the intro from revolution and wanted to use it on iweb. But someone said you have to put it on imovie first.

    It’s just not that easy.

    Thanks in advance!



  7. That works out:


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