Posted by: Apple Inside | February 2, 2006

5 Things Steve Jobs Has Misled Us About In The Last 30 Years

Is Steve misleading us … or is he realy the master of the Reality Distortion Field? Read this story and find out.

Posted by: Apple Inside | February 1, 2006

The Best Open Source Software for Mac OS X

This site has taken some of the best open source software for Mac OS X, and made a convienient list. There’s some great stuff here. The list isn’t very long, but it has potential.

Posted by: Apple Inside | February 1, 2006

WordPress 2.01 OUT!

The long-awaited 2.01 release of WordPress fixes uploading, rpc, caching, and permalink bugs, as well as improving support for old version of php and MySQL in strict mode.

Posted by: Apple Inside | February 1, 2006

Hiding Email Addresses

Want to include your email address on a web page, but you don’t want to be detected by spam bots? Have a look at this comprehensive list of methods on how to hide email addresses in source code from spam bots. Includes; CSS, Javascript, Forms, Images, Obfuscation, Authentication, Flash, Unicode, Encryption and other methods. Each technique is presented and explained with their advantages and downfalls.

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Posted by: Apple Inside | February 1, 2006

First impressions on iTheater RC1

iTheater came through with their promise and released iTheater RC1. I’ve been waiting for this for a while and I am not disappointed. It seems to be stable (no craches yet) so far, but it’s not fuly functional or ready for an open source worthy 1.0 version label. For those of you who don’t know what I mean with “open source worthy 1.0 version label”, I would suggest you read Eric S. Raymond‘s book The Cathedral & the Bazaar. I will be testing RC1 later this week and see if there is anything special to report.

Posted by: Apple Inside | January 30, 2006

Mac OS X Tip: Hide applications using Application Switcher

I read the following tip on TUAW about quiting applications:

One of the key combinations that I use most on my Mac is Command Tab, which brings up the Application Switcher, as seen above (in most versions of OS X that is). This allows me to switch from one application to another just by hitting the Tab key to cycle through the running applications.You’re saying, ‘We know this already, Scott, what a lame tip!’ Well, did you know that you can quit an application without leaving the Application Switcher? It is true. Simply hit Command Tab to bring up the Application Switcher and Tab to the application you want to quit. Once it is highlighted, without lifting your finger off of the Command button, hit the Q. Poof! The application quits (assuming that there are no unsaved documents currently in the application).

After reading this I thought: “Are there more possiblities with the switcher?”. So I started trying some more wellknown key combinations and the best one I found is H. What you do is the same what Scott wrote a TUAW except when pressing Q just press H an boom the application is hidden.

Posted by: Apple Inside | January 30, 2006


Worried about your privacy, get one of these.

Posted by: Apple Inside | January 30, 2006

E-less naming

Today another product joined the e-less naming zone, I’ve been trying to explain this new naming convention for (mostly) web 2.0 stuff and have so far been unsuccesful. The best thing I could come up with is that it’s web 2.0 slang. Anybody else got a suggestion?

Posted by: Apple Inside | January 24, 2006

One more week till iTheater RC1 sees the light

Just one more week unitil iTheater RC1 sees the light. I was kind of hoping that Apple was going to beat the iTheater Project, but since Apple didn’t I’m putting my money on this project. It would even be kind of cool if Apple adopted this project and includes it on new macs 😉

Posted by: Apple Inside | January 23, 2006

Should I get a real job?

It seems that there’s going to be a new Apple Center in Rotterdam (NL) and there looking for iFreaks to join the staff. Maybe this is the career change I’ve been looking for (in Apple direction that is). The only question is: am I qualified for a job in a store. They’re looking for a store manager, assistent store managers and sales persons. Well I’ll have to think about it.

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